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Brushed Salon Newburyport Services


At Brushed Hair Salon our focus is creating healthy, natural hair color and styles. Please see a list of our services below with descriptions. Still not sure what is right for you? No problem, your stylist will work through that with you during your consultation.

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Hair Cutting
Single Process Color
Hair cutting Brushed Hair Salon Newburyport MA

Hair Cutting

Seeing the impact a good haircut can have is so rewarding. Whether you are in need of a trim, a new look or something in between, we have you covered. Our stylists use different methods to help you reach your goals, including precision cutting, dry cutting,  razor cutting, curly cutting techniques and more.  At Brushed, time is taken to discuss desired outcome, face shape as well as home maintenance in order to help you reach your hair goals.

Newburyport colorists Brushed Salon

Single Process Color

full gray converge without fading

The entire Brushed team is trained in the chemistry of hair and hair color. This results in better gray coverage, significantly reduced fading and healthier hair.

All color services start with a clarifying treatment which removes build up from the outside of the hair as a result of  product build up, environmental toxins and minerals found in water that attach to the outside of the hair. Once the hair has been cleaned, color will work optimally and last longer.

Dimensional Color
Color Analysis
Brushed Salon Dimensional Color

Dimensional Color

Creating natural, lived in color that grows out softly is our specialty. Whether it’s balayage (hair painting), foiling or a combination of several techniques, your stylists will  help you reach the dimension you are looking for. With dimensional tones that compliment your skin and eyes you will look and feel great.


Color Analysis

Your first color appointment at Brushed will include a color analysis. Color analysis determines the tones (warm or cool) that are present in the eyes, skin and hair. A color analysis allows your stylist to formulate a color that will compliment your skin. This will make you look and feel healthier and more alert.

Smoothing Treatments
Scalp Health and Hair Loss Solutons
Before and After Smoothing Treatment Brushed Salon

Smoothing/Anti-frizz Treatments

Our safe, personalized, formaldehyde free smoothing system lasts approximately three months and can be performed the same day as color services. 


The system will de-frizz, add shine and cut drying time in half. A treatment will not remove all of your curl, rather soften the curl so it is enjoyable whether you choose to go curly or blow dry for a smooth look.


Express smoothing treatments remove frizz and soften curl for 7-10 days. The express is a perfect way to try a smoothing treatment or in preparation of  an event or vacation. 

Hair and scalp health Brushed Salon.jpg

Scalp Health and Hair Loss Solutions

As we hear more concerns around hair loss, thinning, excessive shedding and scalp conditions, the team at Brushed hair salon has received advanced education to help with these issues. Your stylist can share several tips that you can change today to encourage scalp health because healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp.

Curly Hair Method
Curly girl method brushed hair salon newburyport.jpg

Curly Hair Method

All  Brushed team members have been trained in the chemistry of curly hair. We know how to care for and optimize your curls and understand that not all curly hair is created equal. Different curl patterns and textures have different needs when it comes to cutting, coloring and styling. Your stylist will give you the option of a curly or smooth finish and your stylist will share home care tips and tricks that will have you falling in love with your curls.

Extensions Brushed Hair Salon Newburyport.jpg


Brushed stylists take the chemistry and health of hair seriously. This doesn’t end when it comes to hair extensions. We will work with you to be sure your hair stays in great condition while we work toward ALL of your hair goals.

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